Taxi to Hell-sinki airport sliding towards Arto Paasilinna and others

The taxi driver took off like crazy, sliding through the snow. At every traffic light the same recipe: full throttle, tyres spinning through the snow.

liaOn the highway he was taking over a lorry on the right hand side, while typing an SMS, slipping through a corner.

Then he slid a cd in the stereo, and this horrible kitsch music from Aerosmith sounded though the car: Love in An Elevator, Smoking in the back of the Yard (or so – I could not find it online afterwards, and do not want to put too much time into it), and other completely retarded music and lyrics.

I hate Aerosmith.

I was glad when we arrived at the airport and I could get out.

Nevertheless I could not call the taxi driver impolite. Just socially clumsy probably. Generally I find the Finnish people incredibly nice and helpful people. It’s terrible to come back in this little overcrowded country with it’s ill-mannered people.

And of course: it is raining back home. I just got so used to the Finnish freshness of the dry frost and the snow.

And since this post is beginning to be all over the place, I will continue that drift with a reading recommendation from Finland:
Arto Paasilinna
His stoArtories are extremely funny, with a dry sense of humor, very Finnish, you will not find something close elsewhere, so really unique story teller. Very entertaining and stories with surprising twist about the melancholic Finnish people getting into crazy situations.

I like these books that give the impression that the author sat down behind his desk, started the story and let it go where ever it leads them. It give a very loose touch to the man zonder ziektecatch 22

Freely associating while concocting story. Paasilinna is like that. Murakami has the same attraction to me – A Wild Sheep Chase being the outstanding one for me.

More of those: Joseph Heller , Arnon Grunberg De Man Zonder Ziekte / The Man Without wild sheep chaseIllness, Douglas Coupland Worst. Person. Ever..worst person ever

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