Maand: oktober 2015

Bryson’s Shakespeare: of genius and confabulations

The Dutch subtitle of Bill Bryson’s book Shakespeare is “Een biografie” (A Biography). I read the book and found this subtitle misplaced.

The subtitle of the english original is “The World as a Stage”.  How does that translate to “Een biografie”?bryson shakespeare nl

Bryson writes right in the beginning of the book that very little is known about Shakespeare. So little, that you realistically can not expect more from a book about Shakespeare than the description of a handful of meagre facts, augmented with assumptions, phantasies and preliminary conclusions about the life and times Shakespeare.

Bryson even admits this is the reason the book has such a modest modest size.shakespears_bryson-en Lees verder “Bryson’s Shakespeare: of genius and confabulations”

Austin Kleon and Johnny Rotten: a desire to constantly evolve

I hate self

To start with the same introduction that Austin Kleon uses in the beginning his Show Your Work.

I just read in Walden from Henry David Thoreau, a book that I had to let go. I could not consume these long elaborations on his simplified way of life any longer. Though I found his world views interesting. And the way he exchanges philosophical elaborations with down to earth statistics and lists of stuff he bought and sold for his house or from his gardening. Lees verder “Austin Kleon and Johnny Rotten: a desire to constantly evolve”