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Clair-obscur in San Luigi dei Francesi

The taxi from Fiumicino to the hotel in Rome is 50 euros. That seems a bit overdone. As a punishment I do not tip the taxidriver. Nevertheless he gives me his business card and offers me a discount for the trip back to the airport – 35 euros.
Photo by L.S. Macedo 

So I am back in in the center of Rome for a couple of hours (after a week’s holiday with my wife in January).

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Design your future – Taylor Pearson on the end of jobs

Create your own job. the end of jobs

Taylor Pearson tells us in The End of Jobs. And explains how profitable this can be in today’s world.

Jobs as we know them will largely disappear. We are at the end of the Frederick Taylor work era.

Jobs are replaced by entrepreneurs. Everyone can be an entrepreneur, building a meaningful life doing what they want, now serving the long tail of markets has become profitable. Lees verder “Design your future – Taylor Pearson on the end of jobs”

The gatekeepers are leaving their gates: Studio Neat and Indie Capitalism

The creators of the Glif decided to 91bqqb5xv2l-_sl1500_write It Will Be Exhilarating to share their experience building their company Studio Neat. They build their company as lean as possible, bootstrapped it, using low level tools, crowdsourcing and simple concepts. Lees verder “The gatekeepers are leaving their gates: Studio Neat and Indie Capitalism”

Frankly, Mr. Shankly, celluloid history

The third album of The Smiths, The Queen Is Deadthe_smiths_pic_1311243720, released in 1986, was much later evaluated as one of the best albums of its era.

This album contains the song Frankly, Mr. Shankly, a song that is no longer than 2 minutes (I love – still do –  how bands like The Smiths, Ramones and The Pixies fitted most of their songs in an old-fashioned 2 minutes).

Who is this Mr. Shankly, I was wondering?

I google and searched a few books, and Mr. Shankly seems to be the founder of the Rough Trade label, Geoff Travis.

The song is about a frustrated employee who is completely fed up with Mr. Shankly as his boss, and more importantly want to change his life drastically and become famous in ‘celluloid history’.

Has celluloid since become history itself? 

Douglas Adams’ Salmon of Doubt on Beatles, Bach, Wodehouse, technology, Apple, atheism and hurling the chairs around.


Douglas Adams

Douglas Adams died young. Aged 49, in 2001.

But in his short life he wrote The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Enough for a meaningful life.

The Salmon of Doubt bundles the unpublished work he left on his Mac when he died. Lees verder “Douglas Adams’ Salmon of Doubt on Beatles, Bach, Wodehouse, technology, Apple, atheism and hurling the chairs around.”

Schlimazel hairdo in a bubble at Detroit airport

A TV in every corner of the restaurant blasting American Football commentary, interrupted every few minutes by commercials advertising drugs.

On my left two guys, well in their forties, colleagues probably, drinking coke behind their laptops, one a thin MacBook, the other a fat Sony. Wearing trutlenecks. One shaking his leg nervously. Both typing restlessly. Lees verder “Schlimazel hairdo in a bubble at Detroit airport”

Progress in Europe – Labyrint Europa

Got up early to get a head start on my collegues.Opmaak 1

But Nooteboom’s Labyrint Europa came in between.

The story about the recession in the 1970s should be a awareness starter for all swayed-by-the-issues-of-the-day politicians. Especially an interesting analysis of Enoch Powell’s affairs. Very relevant today, this more intelligent and eloquent British predecessor of our Geert Wilders.

Cees Nooteboom

Interestingly, Nooteboom in the book contemplates when he would be able to travel through Europe without having to change money and with a European passport in his pocket. In a wheel chair, he assumes.

He wrote this in 1977, and we can say things have been achieved in Europe  after all.

Dawkins’ embellished account

In the 30th anniversary edition of ‘The Selfish Gene’ (2006) Richard Dselfish geneawkins writes a vile but correct comment on Fred Hoyle’s misrepresentation of Darwinism in an endnote (pp. 277-278). He ends his note

‘Publishers should correct the misapprehension that a scholar’s distinction in one field implies authority in another. And as long as that misapprehension exists, distinguished scholars should resist the temptation to abuse it’.

Richard Dawkins
Richard Dawkins

Very true, though on the same page, in the note referenced on this page (page 59 of the 30th Anniversary edition), Dawkins almost falls into his own trap, saving himself with one little sentence. Lees verder “Dawkins’ embellished account”