Schlimazel hairdo in a bubble at Detroit airport

A TV in every corner of the restaurant blasting American Football commentary, interrupted every few minutes by commercials advertising drugs.

On my left two guys, well in their forties, colleagues probably, drinking coke behind their laptops, one a thin MacBook, the other a fat Sony. Wearing trutlenecks. One shaking his leg nervously. Both typing restlessly.

Behind them a elderly couple in incorrect shirts. She: flower decorated , he: steel-blue wave pattern. Both on cheap white sneakers. Both drink white wine. I smell a rancid sauvignon blanc. The man has jug ears. And schlimazel hairdo. I am in a judging mood and have this zen voice in my head telling me to go into the white room.IMG_0652

The girl serving me has a handsome face and short bob hair, painted black. She’s just a little overweight. She has beautiful black eyes.

Under the television on the wall opposite me, people
are bored: a young couple staring at their smart phones, a young family trying to make the wait a cosy threesome, a mid-fifties man and wife sitting with their arms crossed, looking away from eachother, seemingly exchanging aggressive accusations.

The pictures of old cars on the wall attempt to strengthen the vague
sixties atmosphere in the bar, created by the red and indigo lighting, the mica tables and letherette benches.

The guys on my right are English, I hear. This explains the turtlenecks.

The lady of the elderly couple, with her beige pants and grey socks, takes her backpack on her lap and starts lovingly hugging and rocking it.

Two Chinese men sit down a few tables to my right. One of them is playing macho. Stands up, sits down, talks too loud, puts on his diarrhea-brown leather coat, takes it off again, stands up, takes, sits down, stands up, sits down, eats a bit, stands up, sits down, takes something fromIMG_0658 the other plate, anxiously asks something, stands up, takes bite, eats more, sits down. Meanwhile the other Chinese guy calmly works on his netbook.

So far Detroit Online. I finish my Sam Adams and go for a pee.

Television is everywhere.

While waiting for boarding to start, I watch Ahmadinedjad on the news bulletin. He get a massive amount of time to explain his positions. This is US television.

Everyone is in a bubble today. Or am I.

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