Clair-obscur in San Luigi dei Francesi

The taxi from Fiumicino to the hotel in Rome is 50 euros. That seems a bit overdone. As a punishment I do not tip the taxidriver. Nevertheless he gives me his business card and offers me a discount for the trip back to the airport – 35 euros.
Photo by L.S. Macedo 

So I am back in in the center of Rome for a couple of hours (after a week’s holiday with my wife in January).

The underground traverses Rome’s cluttered outskirts.

I get off at Cavour (the Metro station) and wander around.

(This is not following the Dan Brown thriller.)

I get hungry. Breakfast in the plane was rather light. I purchase a sandwich which I consume on my way to San Pietro in Vincoli. The church opens again at three. Forgot about these long lunch breaks.

I do not feel like waiting and move on via Via dei Fori Imperiali towards the_calling_of_saint_matthew-caravaggo_281599-160029
Piazza Novano
. On the Via dei Fori Imperiali massive restaurations are taking place to undo the demolitions 80 years ago.

The Pantheon is extremely busy, of course. Quickly in and out and then to San Luigi dei Francesi to have a look at the Caravaggios. Impressive paintings with the typical Caravaggio light, all three of them dedicated to the profet Matthew.

It is odd how the paintings are placed in the dark. Which I find is not to emphasize Caravaggio’s clair-obscur style. No, it’s the money. Only after a Japanese tourist throws in some coins in the machine controlling the illumination, you can view the paintings for a few minutes.

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