Maand: maart 2016

Purity vs Dark Brown suppression – The Noise of Time

article20lead20-20wide1005472468gmmqqbimage-related-articleleadwide-729x410-gmmris-png1455240867759-620x349I somewhat randomly bought the The Noise of Time by Julian Barnes.
Barnes is one of the writers on my ‘read anything they write’ list (another one is Haruki Murakami, yet another Douglas Coupland).

So I did buy the book for its main topic – a fictionalised biography of Dmitri Shostakovich. Actually, as I had not read any review of the book nor its cover, it took me a couple of pages to reach the point where I realised this was about Shostakovich. Or probably more precisely, about his moral struggle with the Soviet government. Lees verder “Purity vs Dark Brown suppression – The Noise of Time”

Total independence: Anything You Want

Derek Sivers wrote Anything You Want. He tells us about his life as founderdereksivers-anythingyouwant-318x450 of CDBaby, one of the first online record stores.

Sivers has a massive strife for independence. He doesn’t actually want to grow his business that started by accident anyway. Shows business can be fun but if you let it tke it’s own course instead of yours you will likely become unhappy iwth that process.

He advocates “enough” for hapiness. Or rather, where is your path in hapiness in business. What Do you want and just as importantly: what not. Running a large business growing from your small handful of staff may not be fun and make you unhappy.

Pave your own path. Don’t give a shit about what other think. Choose Yourself….


More than nothing learned from Tim Kreider’s We Learned nothing

Not sure where I dug up the reference to Tim Kreider’s We Learn Nothing, but I am sure it was a reference from a self help book.cover_welearnnothing_pb-199x300

So when I began with this book I was quite confused. It was like taking a sip coffee, expecting the bitterness of a black coffee but testing the sweet creamy flavor from the choice of you friend opposite you with your cup and a disgusted frown on his forehead after tasting yours.

So this is not a self-help book. They are essays about the strangeness in Tim Kreider’s life. Just to mention a few: Lees verder “More than nothing learned from Tim Kreider’s We Learned nothing”