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Van Dijck in the Prado, a short note on blood, Habsburg jaws and ruthlessness

Some time ago now, I visited the Prado in Madrid.The young Van Dijck
There was a special exhibition on Van Dijck, called El Joven Van Dijck  – The Young Van Dijck.

An incredible assembly of masterpieces. The 2 hours I had in between other activities was massively insufficient.

My winner is The Lamentation over the Dead Christ is my winner. Blood drips from the canvas. The reflection of the light on the skin.  Lamentation Van Dijcke

It is full of Habsburg Jaws. In the paintings, in the sculptures. After a while this becomes corny and funny. All of these great emporers with theseThe Habsburg Jaw massive chins express an sickly absence of joy and compassion. If there is an emotion they express, it is one of detachment and ruthlessness.

El Greco shows he is an expressionist avant la lettre.

Velazquez is also greatly present. His monstrously large horses and people with far too small heads seems to be taken from the perspective of a child or a dwarf.diego-velazquez-horse

Flora of the Seychelles at degrees below zero (Celsius)

In the academic bookshop in Helsinki, there is a helsinki_1coffee shop on the first floor (second if you are American).

I was having a coffee, after a walk through the white city. After some time I looked up from the book I was reading, and I read some titles of books on the counter next to where I was sitting.

The section for Biological Sciences was neighbouring the coffee corner.081382267x

I read funny titles: “Diseases of the Swine” , “Flora of Mauritius and The Seychelles46194-2

Outside it is freezing 15 degrees.

You Kill It, We Grill It – everything I like about Seligman

I was searching for Martin Seligman, after watching his TED talk, but seligman-signhit this site  from Seligman, Arizona.

I wanted to go there immediately. Fantastic, these all American images on that site.

I imagine sitting on the porch of one of these houses, in a rocking chair. All according to the cliches. Cowboys shouting in the saloon next door.

Mind Body and Spirit conference 2009©Brendan Read
Martin Seligman

Horses loosely attached to the fench rail.

Sporadically cars drive by, suspending large clouds of dust.6221405478_8ac7539d0e_b

At least four reasons to stop at Seligman on your Route 66 road trip:

  • The Roadkill Café – “You Kill It, We Grill It!”
  • Historic Route 66 General Store
  • Route 66 Motel – “All of our rooms are newly remodeled,including new mattresses to ensure maximum  sleep comfort”
  • The site’s visit counter is at 4951 last time I visited (July 2015).

Everything I said. Well, that’s all.